Phyllis Sinclair is Cree and a Canadian-born singer-songwriter.  In the “Ribbons from My Skirt” concert series, she brings a living consciousness of Truth and Reconciliation.  In her introduction to The Anglican Church of Canada she writes:


My name is Phyllis Sinclair.  I am Cree, and an award-winning Singer-songwriter. I was unsure of who to approach.

As a Singer-songwriter and performer I am heavily focused on Social Justice/Truth and Reconciliation.  As you know this year will host the very first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Since the finding of the 215 unmarked graves at the Kamloops Residential School sight, there has been a heightened interest in Indigenous issues. The ground is soft, and hearts are tender: more are open to learning.  We are hoping to take advantage of this soft ground and have put together a 20/21Concert Series called Ribbons from my Skirt: Stories of Resilience, Sacredness and Survival.  We are hoping to take this show across Canada and we’re hoping that we could get help from the Anglican Church of Canada by hosting some shows. We want this show to be affordable so we are suggesting a “Pay by Donation” admission fee, as we have found that hearts have been generous to our message and music. We would supply posters, and contact media.

My latest release Ghost Bones, which celebrates culture and speaks to social justice issues, made the National Folk/Roots/Blues Chart Top 10.  “Run Brother Run” a true story of escape from abusive foster care made the Top 10 on the National Indigenous Countdown. I have attached links to two videos of songs that are on Ghost Bones.  Also a link to “Harmonize” a concert that I performed to draw attention to Truth and Reconciliation efforts. The song heard here is “O Land.”

Run Brother Run

Wawatay Eh Nimihitocik

Harmonize Concert, O Land, introduction and show end

Is this something that your sphere of work would be interested in hosting?

Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you.  The attached pdf provides more information on Ribbons from my Skirt.


Phyllis Sinclair, Songkeeper Woman


Ribbons from my Skirt   additional information.