Diocese of Tarime

The Diocese of Tarime is bordered by Rorya Diocese in the West, the Kenyan border to the north, and the Diocese of Mara to the south.  It is mostly a very fertile region which usually enjoys good rains.  It is one of the centres of banana production in Tanzania.

It is populated by a number of tribes including the Kuria people, who retain many of their traditional customs.  The Diocese was founded in 2010 when it was carved out of Mara Diocese.  It currently has 29 parishes and some 9,000 members.  The cathedral is in Tarime town and also functions as a thriving parish church.  It shares a site with the Diocesan Office. The bishop of the diocese is Dr Mwita Akiri and he was consecrated in 2010.  Parishes are currently engaged in an extensive project of church building, led and encouraged by their dynamic bishop.

The Diocese has a farmers’ training centre at Mogabiri, which provides education and training in self-help projects for subsistence farmers.

The diocese has its own website at http://www.anglicantarime.org.