Ministries For Children and Youth

The Diocese of Algoma has a plan for Child and Youth Ministry, and employs a staff of Deanery Child & Youth Facilitators to assist Parishes in identifying and developing their ministries for children and youth.  The Diocese also has a Youth Ministry Committee comprised of Deanery Youth Coordinators Deanery-Elected Youth Representatives to foster connections between parishes and across the Diocese.

Read Algoma’s full Pastoral Plan for Child & Youth Ministry here 

Resources for Parishes

In addition to Algoma’s ‘people’ resources, our Facilitator staff and Youth Ministry Committee, we have collected a variety of resources to assist your parish in developing its ministries for children and youth. Some of these resources have been produced by the Youth Ministry Committee, and others have been borrowed and adapted (with permission and credit, of course) from other organizations. The borrowed resources can point you toward authors, websites, or churches that can provide more than the example given here.

Resources to Help You Find the Best Type of Child and Youth Ministry for Your Parish:

Education and Information Resources:

Leader Training Resources: