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2021 registration Form

2021 registration Form

Final Draft of Agenda

Final Draft of Agenda



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Algoma ACW Prayer

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who did send your blessed Son into the world to become the Saviour of humankind:

Grant to us a deep sense of gratitude for your grace and mercy towards us;

Enable us by your Spirit to reveal your love in prayer and work and stewardship;

So that your salvation may become known to all people, and your name glorified throughout all the earth;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Prayer for our Diocesan Prayer Partner

The Diocese of Algoma prays for the Diocese of Fredericton,
Rosemarie Kingston, President

Oh heavenly father we pray for our sisters of the ACW across Canada, especially for our Diocesan sisters, who reside in the Diocese of Fredericton.  Keep them in peace and safety under the shadow of thy wings; guide and comfort them with Thy Holy Spirit, and enlighten and bless those to whom they minister, for Jesus Christ sake.             Amen

National Anglican Church Women of Canada Prayer:

Margaret Warwick, President

Almighty God, we pray for your blessing and grace on our work and witness as Anglican Church Women in Canada.

We give thanks and praise for giving us wisdom, knowledge and understanding

so that we may serve in spirit and in truth.

Called to be your church, may our study, learning, worship and service be always to your glory

and the building of your kingdom n our communities and throughout the world.

In our ministry may we always respond to the needs of others with love.

We pray in the name of the One who redeemed and loves us,

your Son, Jesus our Saviour.