The Continuing Education Plan of the Anglican Church of Canada is managed by the Anglican Pension Corporation.  The Plan provides resources for continuing education of the clergy and lay persons who are employed by dioceses and other employers who are affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada.  The sole purpose of the Plan is to provide education or training for such clergy or lay persons in order to improve their work or work-related skills and abilities.

Applications may be made to the Plan to obtain reimbursement for eligible education or training costs for work, in respect of:

  1. expenses for any continuing education program or course of study,
  2. the purchase of books or other study materials, or equipment, or
  3. the purchase of computer hardware or software.

The Pension Corporation maintains a link to educational resources.

Application forms are available from the Pension Corporation website, or from the Synod Office (contact Jane Mesich, CA, at, or download in pdf here).  Applications must be approved by the Bishop.

Sabbatical funds may also be available from time to time.  Once again, visit the Continuing Education page of the Pension Corporation website.