During the months of June and September a number of events will be held across Canada when community members and their allies will celebrate the resiliency, talents and contribution of members of the LGBTQ S+ community.

Many of these events are marked by colourful parades through the streets with participants wearing all the beautiful colours of the rainbow as a declaration of who they are innately.  Pride parades actually began as something of a protest against homophobia, but more and more LGBTQS+ communities are moving from the margins into the mainstream of society and the parades are festive, joy-filled occasions. Anglicans who participate Pride Parades often carry banners marked, “PROUD ANGLICANS”.

In baptism we affirm that we will ‘respect the dignity of every human being’. I affirm this call and invite us, through our words and actions, to ensure that all people know they are, “Fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139.13) by a loving generous God.

No one should have to live their life in fear of oppression or acts of hatred for who they are. Not everyone is comfortable joining a pride parade. One simple way of affirming that your home, church or office is a safe place for members of the LGBTQS+ community is to post a rainbow sticker or a rainbow flag outside the door. It will immediately be recognized.

Pride events across Algoma are: Thunder Bay (June 15th – see photos) Sudbury (July 9th – an indoor festival will be held); Sault Ste. Marie (week of July 15- July 20th), Muskoka Pride (week of July 19-28) North Bay (week of September 11th to 15th)

A group of Anglicans in Thunder Bay participated in last weekend’s Pride Parade. Among them was Archdeacon Deborah Kraft who asked them why they participated:

Here are some of the answers:

  • I think everyone needs to be loved and recognized for who they are
  • It is important to feel and support God’s love
  • Love has no boundaries
  • Everyone deserves respect
  • Fun to show we can respect and love everyone
  • It matters to come together with all the people in this community.
  • Feels positive and filled with love.
  • The kingdom of heaven is here.