Important information for students at Thorneloe’s School of Theology

The changes announced at Laurentian University this week with respect to the relationship between Laurentian University and the three Federated Universities do NOT affect Thorneloe’s School of Theology, the students currently enrolled or programs offered.

The School of Theology is a separate entity altogether and the diplomas and degrees offered at the School are conferred by the Chancellor of Thorneloe University, at the request of the Senate of Thorneloe University.

The programs offered by the Thorneloe School of Theology are: the C.A.L.L program for Layreaders, the Diploma of Theology, and the Bachelor of Theology. These programs will continue as planned and students registered in courses will continue their studies as usual.

For more information or questions related to the School of Theology please contact the President of Thorneloe University, who is also the Director of the School of Theology at: or


Archbishop Anne Germond
Thorneloe Chancellor