January 14, 2021


Dear people of God,

Grace and peace to you in this new year.

We are already half way through January and the world continues to be a fragile place, as Covid 19 and its variant strains continue to hold us in its grip. In Ontario today we have begun the second state of emergency in Ontario with a call to stay at home, except for essential reasons.

Over the last ten months as you have followed provincial, local and church guidelines and protocols with respect to Covid 19 I have observed you loving your neighbours and seeking the welfare of the towns and cities in which you live. Thank you for your vigilance and care.  None of us imagined that with all the guidelines and protocols in place that numbers would have increased the way we are seeing today. Which is why I am urging us all to adhere to the new restrictions and to do all we can to stop the spread of Covid-19.

With respect to the Synod office, effective Thursday, January 14th, 2021, the office is officially closed to any visitors.  If you have cheques or information of an urgent nature that requires you to attend at the office, please call in advance (705-256-5061) so you may be met at the door upon arrival.  Archbishop Anne Germond and Archdeacon Jay Koyle are working from home.  Only essential workers (Jane Mesich, Liz Hamel, and Jennifer Baron) will be working within the office and are socially distanced within their own office spaces.  The hours are reduced from 9-3 p.m. daily.  They will be focusing on priority workload only.  Delays should be expected with e-mail responses and telephone inquiries.  Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated.

You remain daily in my prayers…we will get through this time.


The Most Rev. Anne Germond

Archbishop of Algoma