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Back to the big metropolis of Sault Ste. Marie…photos below of some of the terrain James and his dad, Mark, covered over their nine days of hiking.

Hello everyone! I am back in one piece and so is my dad. I just wanted to start off by thanking everyone who donated while I was off in the woods. I am completely blown away at the support. As an update of the trip, a mix of weather and equipment failures prevented us from covering the whole of the coastal trail. However, we did stay out for the whole 9 days and added some day hikes from our camp to make up for it. As a total we traveled 106.13 km, gaining 2977 m of elevation over 46 hours of total hiking time. Stay tuned for more updates! The link to the fundraiser page is below and once again thank you to everyone who donated.



And if you want to know more about the organization check out their page here at