As Synod Office staff has re-entered the office, we have re-configured some of our work stations to accommodate safe spaces for all members.  In this regard, there has been a change to our telephone directory and to how some of our calls are answered.

Please take note of changes:

All calls directed to Archbishop Anne will be answered by Liz Hamel, the Archbishop’s Administrative Assistant at Extension 27 or number 1 on the directory – Archbishop’s Office.  This has been put in place as the Archbishop is working from home at various times during the work week and wishes to remain in contact as easily as possible.  If Liz is not available, the option is provided for callers to press “0” to obtain immediate assistance.

Archdeacon Jay Koyle may be reached via Extension 22 or number 3 on the directory – Diocesan Archdeacon.

Archdeacon Harry Huskins may be reached via Extension 21 or number 5 on the directory – Provincial Synod Office.

The current directory is as follows:

Archbishop’s Office – Press 1

Diocesan Treasurer, Property, and Insurance Matters – Press 2

Diocesan Archdeacon – Press 3

Assistant Treasurer, Payroll, Electronic Offering Program – Press 4

Provincial Synod Office – Press 5