Today Anglicans throughout the province will be receiving “Loving Our Neighbours”, a ‘guiding document’ to begin the process of re-entering our church buildings for corporate worship following this pandemic period.

Outlining a measured approach, as promised, the document results from a collaborative effort through numerous conversations between the Ontario House of Bishops, the Executive Officers and Chancellors of each Diocese, and Epidemiologists serving as consultants, all of whom have devoted a great deal of time to this work.

Over the next few weeks, in consultation with clergy and lay leaders from around Algoma, and with input from other dioceses and denominations, specific guidelines and protocols for our Diocese will be crafted to lead us through the stages of the re-entry process.

More details, and expressions of gratitude to the people of Algoma are shared in the Archbishop’s pastoral letter.



A Pastoral Letter to the Faithful in the Diocese of Algoma – June 2020 web


Loving Our Neighbours – Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario – TEMPLATE FOR REOPENING – FINAL 2