Dear People of Algoma,

A simple conversation between three friends became an opportunity for Gods Grace to shine throughout the Diocese of Algoma. What was initially intended to be a small financial gift to support a small clinic in Africa to purchase necessary PPE during Covid-19 continues to grow. Not only has the clinic been able to purchase the required PPE but all of the parishes in the Diocese of Tarime have benefited from the outpouring of love that has grown throughout the diocese. Bishop Mwita wrote “you guys amaze me!” when he referred to the gifts of sincere generosity, love, and concern that we carry under our wings. With the funds transferred to date, +Mwita has purchased buckets with taps to be set up for hand washing along with disinfectant and hand gloves. Good quality washable/reusable masks have been purchased for the villages. Clergy, staff from the diocesan office, staff from the agricultural centre and 2 Compassion International child centres attended workshops on protection measures, proper hand washing (theory and then supervised practice) and mask wearing before they were provided with PPE. Visual aids have been printed and distributed to the parishes to help people better understand spread, symptoms and precautions  A contamination risk free temperature gun has been purchased so that temperatures can be checked.

Your generous support  is allowing them to address local measures at a time when there is still a lot of confusion about Covid-19 throughout the country.

Please continue to support our companion diocese with your prayers and generous donations as we navigate these challenging times together.

Blessings All

Archdeacons Roberta Wilson-Garrett and Marie Loewen