Algoma Special Synod

For May 8, 2020,

In Sault Ste. Marie


A Synod session called to provide

advice to the Archbishop

on the place of same sex marriage

in the life of our Diocese


Recent developments at the national level of our Church mean that the decision as to whether or not same sex marriages are to take place in the dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada are now to be made in those dioceses by their Bishop.  For Algoma, this responsibility rests with our Archbishop.

Over the last year, the Archbishop has made a commitment that she will only make this decision, which she now must make, after listening carefully to the prayerful advice of the people of our Diocese.

To enable this to happen the Archbishop has called Regional Gatherings to be held across the Diocese at which this will be discussed, and has called a Special Session of our Synod to follow these Gatherings.

She has asked the Special Session of our Synod to provide her with advice about the place same sex marriage will hold in the life of our Diocese.

This Special Synod session has now been called for Friday, May 8, to do this.