Archbishop Anne Germond is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Carol Knox as Diocesan representative to the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer effective immediately.

The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer is a lay ministry, aided by members of the ordained clergy, which serves the church and the world by encouraging, facilitating, and promoting the use, understanding and discipline of prayer.  Carol, as our Diocesan representative, will minister within the diocese to do just that…encourage, facilitate and promote the use, understanding and discipline of prayer across Algoma.

Carol is a Diocesan Lay Reader in the Deanery of Thunder Bay-North Shore and provides ministry along the north shore of Superior.  She is a member of St. Paul’s, Thunder Bay where she assists with various ministries.  She holds degrees from Lakehead University (psychology, philosophy), a M.A. from the University of Western Ontario (psychology), a Ph.D. from the University of California in developmental neuropsychology, an M.Div. from the University of Winnipeg, a Th.M. from the Toronto School of Theology (Trinity College) and is in the Th.D. programme at the Toronto School of Theology.

She has been involved in training the newly appointed Indigenous Lay Readers in Thunder Bay to lead Holy Communion services with reserved sacrament at Wequedong Lodge as an outreach ministry from St. Paul’s.  She has taught a brief section on different types of prayer at each of the confirmation classes and provided material for the class to use during the week.  The goal for 2019 is to develop this material on prayer and to make it more widely available as a means for spiritual growth in the parish.

In response to the question:  why is this ministry important to you and the diocese, Carol’s response is…”Prayer or communication with the Holy One is the foundation of who I am and what I do.  I have been privileged to live in many places in two countries where I have been taught by many exceptional people of great faith, from monks, nuns, and Franciscan tertiaries, from professors and writers, to a homemaker.  It was from a homemaker that I first learned the important lesson that prayer consists of listening as well as speaking.  During the prayer of listening we are changed and we become able to connect our will with the will of God.  The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer can be a vehicle in the diocese to provide both training in prayer for individuals and a collective belt of prayer around all that we do as a diocese.”

We welcome Dr. Carol Knox to this ministry and uphold her in prayer as she begins to reach out to the diocese.  She may be reached via telephone at 807-476-0715 or by e-mail at