Becoming the Story We Tell (BST)

A resource commissioned by the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Becoming the Story We Tell aims to restore the connection between baptism, our annual deep dive into the story of Christ’s passion and resurrection, and our call to be and make disciples. It was the focus of workshops offered in each deanery of the Diocese in January 2016. You can read more about the resource and connect to it here:

Facebook Group for Those using BST in 2016

BST is being used or adapted in various places in Canada and the U.S. with some wonderful results! If you are interested, there is a group page on Facebook set up by some participants in preparation workshops in both countries over the past year:

Blog of The Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission

This resource provides resources and reflections for preachers, liturgists, musicians, and anyone looking to deepen their liturgical engagement. “The Preacher’s Study,” a regular feature on the blog, benefits from a variety of contributors aiming to provide a lens for interpreting the readings. Writers always endeavour to highlight some insight for preaching, prayer, and Bible study that nurtures baptismal identity and vocation. This year, blog will provide support in particular to congregations engaging in “Becoming the Story We Tell.”

Texts for Trial Use in The Anglican Church of Canada

Here you will find trial texts for Collects, Seasonal Prayers, and the services of Morning and Evening Prayer for Lent and Easter seasons.

Download: Online Resources (Algoma 2017) (pdf)