This gathering rite is based on Evangelical Lutheran Worship, people’s book, page 97. It is provided for use on Sundays, except when the Renewal of Baptismal Vows (BAS, page 330 – 332) is used.

 This form of Gathering — a Thanksgiving for Baptism followed by the sharing of the Peace — is suggested for the Easter season, just as a Penitential Order was suggested for the Lenten season. In this way, the customary order of Confession-and-Absolution may be seasonally replicated: a season of penitence, followed by a season of rejoicing in the peace and absolution of the risen Christ. The Confession-and-Absolution are not used after the Prayers of the People if this form of the Gathering is used, and the Greeting of Peace may be used (as shown here) before the Collect of the Day, or after the Prayers of the People, but not in both places during the same liturgy.

Download: Gathering of the Community for Easter (docx)