The following two items are for information (and action if you so wish) from General Synod.

1. A National Survey on COVID-19 and its impact on the volunteer and donor activity of religious Canadians, The Halo Project, seeks to assess the impact of religious communities within the wider society that is often unrecognized or valued. They ask participants to complete a survey which assesses the impact of COVID-19 on volunteer and donor activity during the past few months. Please consider completing and sharing this survey with your parishes.


2. There will be another online Gospel Jamboree coming up on July 1 at 6pm Eastern. We received ample submissions for the inaugural online Gospel Jamboree<> that we have enough material for this new broadcast, with an additional contribution or two from the Primate and also the Archbishop Mark MacDonald. Submissions for a later Gospel Jamboree (to be held in mid-August) will open at the end of next Wednesday’s Jamboree. Details will be posted for the July 1 event by end of day today at