“Brick by Brick and Book by Book, building a brighter future”

                  “ I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”

                                                John 10:10b


The building of a Secondary School for girls seemed like a faraway dream as we stood on the potential building site while in Africa in 2014. The wheels of bureaucracy are slow but fast forward to 2019, land has been purchased (20 acres), surveyed and permits to build are being put into place as this article is taking shape. The future of Africa depends on access to quality education and girls are at a significantly higher risk of missing out on that education opportunity.

Statistics show that under-educated girls are more vulnerable to a life of crime and drugs, prostitution and HIV Aids, under age marriage and more challenges than those who have access to secondary education. Girls left out of the education stream are forced into early marriage which subsequently leads to a higher rate of teen pregnancies. Employment doors remain closed without education and options are limited to back breaking physical labour cultivating fields and domestic work with babies on their backs.

Education is the long-term solution. The education of a girl in Africa is not only life changing but it is life giving!

Our companion Diocese of Tarime Africa has invited a mission team to again travel to spend time with them in 2020. This will be an opportunity to assist in the physical building of the school, to plan with the local committee for future phase expansion and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Diocese of Tarime. There is however, much work to do in the upcoming months. As you will see from the photos construction is quickly progressing which was not anticipated but which is an incredible blessing. Consequently, our timeline to financially prepare and support is moving forward at an accelerated rate.

The Diocese of Algoma will assist with the building of the school along with other worldwide supporters. With +Anne’s support we are setting a fundraising goal of $25,000 to support with phase one of the construction. Phase one will include 4 classrooms for 160 girls, as per Tanzanian guidelines. It will also include dorms for 160 girls (assuming boarding is at full capacity) administration buildings, offices, science laboratory, library, kitchen and a dining hall. In order to reach this goal we are asking that every church in the diocese would consider committing to one fund raiser in the next 10 months that is designated for this project. The Cathedral was generously kicked off this campaign with their sale of “Son Rise” coffee at Synod and we are so extremely thankful for their support and enthusiasm. We will be excited and look forward to sharing all of the creative ways you are able to support this outreach to our sister diocese.

A PowerPoint presentation of this new and exciting missional outreach opportunity will be completed shortly and presentations will be done throughout the Diocese. If you would like to be considered as a participant on the 2020 mission trip to Tarime please indicate your interest to Archdeacon Marie Loewen or Archdeacon Roberta Wilson-Garrett

With God’s help we continue to make a difference in Tarime!


Frank, Consulting Engineer, and +Mwita – the first corner stone!